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Whats up… The Paper!! Whats on my ears… kaahe ujadi mori neend Whats on my mind… Agent, Pollination, hidden-markov, ant colony optimization (no, not biology) Whats on my computer… word, winamp, IE (9 of them!) Whats on my IE… IEEE, Agents, blogs Whats on my desk… a cuppa Nestle Whats bugging me… coming to work […]

Are they same? There certainly is a vast difference. And this is the way I understand it. Religiousness will be used to mean adherence to the beliefs and practices of an organized society or a religious institution. Hinduism, Christianity are such institutions. And a strong following of the philosophy and practices as laid down […]

What did you think of that title? Did you give out a sarcastic chuckle? Or you felt it too relevant? During an evening of the past weekend I accompanied my mom to a Bhagavad Gita discourse. It was very good. Liked it. But there was something more than the talk that I particularly liked. The […]

for my dad


A gentle wind sweeps past me and sings into my ears tales of the kind time of those joyful years of you and me. of tender strokes to my cheek waking me every morning of your breath over my wound healing me for the moment of the tight hugs bringing sleep to my sullen eyes […]

Long weekend


Tomorrow is a holiday. A long weekend in the offing. My health is improving, but the incessant cough is puncturing my lungs. Hope to get back to my usual energy levels by Monday. Need some good sound sleep. And I plan to do it all through the weekend. May be a bit of watching TV […]

AP told me once, “It started off like just another calm good day. And suddenly I flare up at him for no reason!” If you are a woman and if you are married, then you already might have guessed what AP was telling me about. If you are a man and if you are married, […]

A conversation from Million Dollar Baby. Frankie: Stop that! Maggie: Why? What did I do wrong? Frankie: You did two things wrong. One, you asked a question. Two, you asked another question. Million Dollar Baby was beautiful. Somehow, I didn’t want Maggie to die. But then, if she had lived, the movie wouldn’t have got […]