i’m already playing..


I came to office in a pretty cheerful mood, after a good weekend. And as I flipped through the pages of the blogs I regularly read, I just had to pull back a bit on my cheer.

There is only one thing that really affects the laid-back take-it-all-as-it-comes person in me. The loss of a dear one! Be it by death or otherwise! Having experienced both I could feel the pain that Arunima was expressing in her blog. That sent me tumbling down my memory lane to those episodes of my past that drew parallel to what she had written. Life is a complex maze of happiness and distress. No one, I bet no one, can help it! And words may not always soothe. It’s all a question of time before the best of today might become a liability tomorrow or the nastiest of today becomes an asset tomorrow.
It’s all part of this game.

Life is a playground.
We play different games at different times
Some days we win, some days we lose
Some days we lose pathetically
Some days we are hurt
Some days we hurt
But that stops us not from playing
neither from getting hurt
neither hurting
Its always a noble game in the playground.
Every loss teaching a lesson in winning
Every win anointing our injuries
Promising a better game tomorrow
And so we come back again.
Despite the many wounds
Despite the many losses..
Looking forward to a better game
Looking forward to win.. to help win
To team-up.. to share.. to cry.. to laugh..
To hug.. to love.. to pat.. to caress..
And then go back..
To sleep with the smile of a bliss!


One Response to “i’m already playing..”

  1. 1 Vidya

    Loved the poem .Whos has written it ?

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