a tale of a day


My hands lift up from its stiffened angle in a move to relax flow of blood through my nerves and ends up wiping the little moisture stuck to the periphery of that sensitive connection between the shoulder and my head, called the neck. A sense of lack of air cuts across my senses and this sensation is game enough to half-heartedly open my hitherto closed eyes.

I feel a swelling over my eye, but that’s just a feeling – a feeling of excuse fooling myself into continuing to keep my eyes closed. But it’s not meant to be that way. With the weariness of the solemn soldier resting after a lifelong battlefield crusade, I finally send tingles through my sensory nerves with orders to keep my eyelids floating above its surface level.

My eyeballs begin to show some movement, as just in a flash of a fraction second I wonder if E=MC2 applies to the velocity of my moving eyeballs as well. I get a pitch dark silence as an answer to my question. With a constant velocity much lesser than the value of C, I turn my eyeballs to its right-most possible corner to look out of that rectangular opening on the wall opening me to the expanse of a vast outside world.

I see an infinite grayscale being transformed into a tinge of color assorted with orange streaks between blocks of blue. My eyeballs become stationary for once and gaze at this unfolding cosmic beauty. I don’t smile, but feel the same hormonal upshots of a wide smile. The fragrance of a sweetened air flows in to sever the choking down my gut.

The grayscale continues to give way to the assorted colors, setting off a mystifying beauty harmonizing the work of a divine intervention. As the sky begins to cleanse itself, an aura of persistently serene momentary solitude comes upon my lethargic physique. The enlightenment reminds me of the subject I am composed of and turns pages to disclose my next chapter. As I lay my sights to read the revealed first lines of that chapter, there’s a jostle of docile vigor. And I push aside the blanket over me.

Its morning. I need to wake up now.


2 Responses to “a tale of a day”

  1. 1 Jax

    And good morning to you

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for dropping by. What does prabat mean? Liked your blog.

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