i am intellectually challenged


I don't admire nature, but admire those who admire nature.
I never experienced sibling love, but I love my friends as much.
I'm not self-motivated, but I motivate whoever needs.
I never shone in any sport, but cheer those who shine.
I never get birthday gifts, but have given so many gifts.
I never learnt music, but learnt to love music.
I never learnt any instrument, but learnt to leap to its rhythm.
I never learnt to dance, but learnt to tap to the steps.
I never stood 1st in class, but was the 1st to shake hands with the topper.
I never won any medals, but clap when someone wins.
I never was the best, but always somewhere behind it.
I never won, but never lost.

God created me acutely talentless
But for the talent to make others happy.. and feel happy! Always!!


5 Responses to “i am intellectually challenged”

  1. 1 Chaitra

    Gosh!!! This is the best talent anyone would love to have. The talent to “make others happy, to care about others”

  2. So sweeeeeeeeet, same with me also…

  3. I agree with Chaitra. That’s the best of the lot.

  4. @pari: reminds me of pari hoon main song.. :-)

  5. God also made you extra sweet :)

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