A well deserved slap


It’s not a news anymore. The Gujarat Chief Minister has been denied entry into US. And it wasn’t all that surprising to watch the political histrionics unfolding across the country in retaliation to the “shame” that seem to have befallen the nation. I would have been mighty pleased if, even half these political stunts were in display when the country was in a literal shame during the Godhra and aftermath.

One could read the press reporting the wily diplomat saying “…[the US action] has put the Indian Constitution to shame” and “lack of courtesy and sensitivity”. This is coming from the very mouth of a person who has taken every possible effort to put the Indian constitution to shame and lacked every possible bit of sensitivity to the victimized masses in the name of religious prepositor and fanning religious fanatism.

Though the predominantly less-educated voting mass of India may continue to elect him at the helm of affairs, it is no denying the fact that his composedly outrageous behavior does not deserve any page of glory in the history books. Blame the masses, for he gets away every time unhurled.

But at least this action from the US Embassy (which is based on factual notes from the NHRC), would have opened an eyelid or two to the atrocious pugnacity of the diplomat hidden all the while behind the veils of religious fervor. The Chief Minister may still continue to hold his office and might continue his heavenly stature in front of the masses, but this slap in his face by the internationalizing of his delinquent office, would remain in history as five fingers scarred deeply through his wearing beard.

What if the Embassy gives in to the pressure from the Indian Govt and revokes the denial of entry? Well, that would be insanity at its hilarious best!


3 Responses to “A well deserved slap”

  1. Thanks for going thru my blog. I went thru your blog as well. We don’t differ so much in our perception…

  2. 2 Vijaybabu

    i agree that it was a well deserved slap…. but who gave that??? one who is killing lot of people around the world in the name of ‘war against terrorism’….

    so when we say that it was a well deserved slap… then in the meantime we (all other countries except US) should consider denying visa for US’s prime ministers / any officials…..

  3. Yet another case where america is imposing its hegemony on the world and another act of hypocrisy. Yes, what modi did in Gujarat was heinous, but what Bush has done and plans to do (Iran,North Korea, who knows some day India) is far far worst than modi’s heinous deeds.But we are helpless like a small kid in its nappies in front of a WWF wrestler, mutley accepting Americas hegemony. Hope someday the kid in the nappies will grow strong to fight the WWF wrestler

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