The modern Sphynx riddle?


Angels and Demons is still reverberating. My mind is pacing Mach-15. Too many thoughts hanging deliriously, plucking neurons out of my only brain.

Science and Religion. Are they two sides of the same coin? Or, a classic Oxymoron? Cynicism and demand for proof has become enlightened thought. Is a demand for proof and reasoning unjustified? Where is the line of demarcation between reasoning and faith? What do I live by? Reasoning? Or, Faith handed over to me by my generation?

There could be many a proverbial reasoning, for reasoning is but a line of thought. Thought is only a reflection of one's experience. Experience stems from facts observed as it is, in conjugation with our myths and beliefs (and beliefs in myths). Beliefs, hacked and moldered through generations, are as distinct as the persons possessing them. The siblings of the same family are distinct from their parents and between them too. Truth of one is not verity of the other.
The human psyche is incomprehensibly divergent. We do need to consider every reason, for every reason is as respectable as its host, but there is a sea of difference between considering and convincing. If I convince myself of his reasoning without due consideration, let me at my own peril. If I consider his reasoning and extrapolate my own experience and observe the facts in the lights of my experience, that’s when I could do justice to my existence.

Proof of Reason? If God has to prove Himself, what could He ever do? If He revealed Himself as God Almighty, King of Heaven and Earth, and moved mountains to prove it, there are those who would reason out to say, “It must have been Satan”. Nobody believes the official spokesman, but everybody trusts an unidentified source.

Science may never get to prove the presence or the absence of God. God is just in the minds. The belief that lights up a direction – lends purpose to the living… a trust in some supreme power, that guides the masses through the treacheries of living. Call this power God or Science.. that’s just a human discretion!!

Some riddles cannot be solved. But riddles need not be solved to be enjoyed.


6 Responses to “The modern Sphynx riddle?”

  1. Hey bhagwaan…

  2. for change, why not try “Hey Science” ;-)

  3. 4 Jax

    When things go right, God will be thanked. When things go wrong, he will be thanked that they are not worse.

  4. Well said, Jax!

    Kishore Da: Shush! You blasphemous creature =P

  5. @jax: how I wish all people were really like that..

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