my mind is a bit hyperactive today


Angels and Demons with its Antimatter theme has made an enormous vent in me. I belong to an R&D team in my company, but never has anyone spoken in such proportions. So here I am…

Imagine a program that can learn from itself getting hacked – the more attempts to hack the more secure it becomes. What point does computer science come fact-to-face with the other sciences, particularly physics?
Can antimatter power the new generation of supercomputers?
Can bits and bytes be replaced by antielectrons (positron) and antiprotons?
If software can sit in chips, can it sit in a molecule. Molecular computing would say a big Yes.
If it can sit in a molecule, then can it sit in an atom. If it can, then it could sit on ether!
Software becomes just another particle, an intelligent particle – another matter – an intelligent matter. Imagine, every particle around you is actually an atom of software (I call them Softons, as in protons), intelligent in its own ways. Softons, for example, could be programmed to detect microbes in the air.. a new avenue opens in medical research. Internet will be breathed in.

Softon becomes a piece of intelligent matter. Just like any other matter, an antimatter can be formed, by accelerating the particles using the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) and all major applications of antimatter begin to ensue – but this time, in an intelligent way. All laws of physics become applicable to softons as well. Including E=mc2. And that opens a new field of Physics that deals with matter that knows how it is supposed to behave and adapt to environment. Softons.

If you could convert all of the energy contained in 1 kg of sugar you could drive a car for about 100,000 years without stopping because, E=mc2. Imagine something similar happening with the intelligent matter – softons.
Future is astounding… Future is amazing… Future is staggering…

I want to talk with someone at CERN…!!!!

Helllllloooo….. Anybody listening….???????


10 Responses to “my mind is a bit hyperactive today”

  1. Wow, you came up with all that?!
    Anyway, that is precisely why I claim that India is home to all the brain in the world.

  2. Need I say anything more :-)

  3. kya paka raha hai? (Borrowed from krishanan)

  4. 4 Pri

    Imagination tho achi hai!! par factual thought???

  5. @pri: Think 1 million crazy ideas.. 1 will become reality..!! The bottomline is – Think!!

  6. In total agreement!

  7. 7 Jax

    The only thing I can think of is Moore’s Law becoming effective.

  8. 8 Kat

    What an insight into angels and demons…will have to read it again!!!! you write very intrestingly!

  9. @jax: the revolution is just beginning..
    @kat: thanks :-)

  10. 10 Ashish

    So Do we have another Nobel prize to our country.

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