Me and my cerebrum


7AM. A fresh morning. The fragrance in the air was elating. I stepped into my office bus and took my usual 3rd left-side seat. I closed my eyes to let the little rubbles of sleep tingling on the sides of my eyes engulf my yet-to-wake-up-completely body. A few moments of singing silent undertones and I was awaken by the jerk of the bus moving. I opened my eyes to realize I was still within planet earth. And with that exhilarating revelation retreated back to my posture.

“Hey Hi”. It seemed like a loud thud very adjacent to my eyes. I startled up from my sleep to shoot that alien flying machine down. It was my long last batchmate (from my training days in Mangalore – 2.5 years ago). “Still sleeping eh?” she pipped taking her seat next to me and I gave out a huge sigh of surprise meeting her after so long. “Yeeeaahhh, long time.. no see…”.

As the bus moved trampling upon the uncared streets puffing every second minute past numerous traffic signals, braving its way through the eternally hazardous Hosur Road on way to my daily abode, we spoke of equally interesting things. The days at Mangalore, her adventures with her project team, how she escaped that rain last summer, that tussle with her boy friend and how she won. And yeah, a wee-bit about me too.

After a stretching bit of chat, delight writ large on our faces and both of us yet to recover from that smile we opened after her “Hey Hi” 40 mins ago, we finally stood up to make our turns out of the bus which was now within the prudent auspices of our office campus. She turned to me and grinned wide, enough for me to count all her teeth at one go and said “Bye Kishore”. I was no less in my energy “Bye…ehh…mmm”.

I’d forgotten her name! 2.5 years!


2 Responses to “Me and my cerebrum”

  1. Loser!

  2. not sure about that…

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