Aaah… Ouch…


Ohh… Ouch… Aaaahh… Phmm… Am still searching for words to describe my pain. Somebody get me some…

Whenever I used to see those binge brawns undertake a solid toning at the mecca of muscles (popularly known as the Gym) in my office campus, little did I ever think I would finally give in to the temptation of working myself out. And finally it happened. The day was today. For the first ever time in all my guess-my-age years, I dragged myself into the hitherto unseen unknown unexplored unexperienced arena called Working-out-in-a-Gym!

I had CB with me for a moral and physical (just in case) support as I walked into the amphitheatre. I could see those huge dinosaur like tread mills waiting to get a tasty (yuck!) bite. I finally chose one “All right chum, this is your lucky day, you’re gonna be all mine”. CB handed me a dumbbell to keep myself sweating until I could climb the dinosaur. 1-2-3-…-10 and that was that. My biceps got the better of me. My hands were already floating aloof beside my body. An outstanding scene for a 3-D movie.

Finally the dinosaur was there. All mine. I climbed up and felt like a 6 month old child trying to compete with Maurice Greene for the 100mts at the Sydney Olympics. The Gym instructor, a Chinese looking little lady with a French accent saved the blues as she slowed the pace down suitable enough for the 6 month old kiddie.… But the child grew up fast and was atleast able to complete the race, even if not compete!

Then there was the Tyrannosaurus-Rex (whatever it is actually called). Pulling the string forward and backward in ununiform irregegular motion, trying to keep up to my increasing palpitation and the almost breathless breathing. When I did decide to spare the T-Rex, I was feeling worse than a worn out rag. I could realize that my body is composed of some cranky stuff called muscles. One more round, and I could actually have counted them.

A gush of lukewarm bath was the most peaceful relaxation for all the David and Goliath games of the previous hour. Right now, I’m feeling like a new species of homo sapien that rediscovered its way back to the earth, escaping the clutches of the all-brawn-no-brain martians.

May David triumph!


3 Responses to “Aaah… Ouch…”

  1. A) Who is David?
    B) I need to join the gym sooon. Or maybe I’ll jusr get a Yoga instructor. Not that you care. Lekin, phir bhi. Treadmills are fun. What’s beyond my understanding is how someone can actually NOT enjoy ’em…

  2. just*

    PS: Better luck nect time, hon.

  3. David was a kid, and Goliath was a giant whom David killed as in the Greek mythology..

    I’m enjoying going to Gym and am going everyday.. but that first day was really hilarious for me..!!

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