The Man.. The Machine…


My computer blew! Well, not literally, but it's as good as blown away. That exquisite piece of technology that runs on my machine fiddling with which makes me earn my livelihood no more works on my machine. I broke into every folder and ran every bit of component I could lay my hands on, but it took late afternoon to realize it was all over. May its soul rest in piece er.. peace.

It’s been such a loyal servant to me all these days and parting it is painful. But, I have to move forward. Technically that translates to formatting my machine and zapping all the stuff. My Winamp, Yahoo, internal IM, RSS Reader, Qucktime. And this also means cloning all the loads of stuff that I have got, including my colossal collection of music. Now, I only hope there is enough space in our server to hold everyone. I couldn’t after all render my children homeless. I took a note of all the RSS feeds, so that I can make a quick work of it tomorrow, when my formatted machine finally gets going.

It’s a stinky redundant work to do all the stuff over again. But it also means, this is all going to result in something new. It means my machine will run faster, better. It means I can manage my junk better. It means having a new picture on my desktop. It means a new screen saver. It means a new customization to my IE may be a google toolbar (but for some reason, I don’t like that thing hanging out of the top of my IE, it looks like a running nose).

A change for the good of it. A new wine in old bottle. And tomorrow will be the d-day!

(and tomorrow, be sure to catch up with the India v Pak cricket test too.)


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