Sunday evening…


A brutal massacre! Merciless to the core! I was walking down MG Road yesterday evening and that's how I killed time. It was an inevitable bit of shopping I had to do and my chums had gone to native. So that left me alone in the lurch.

I boarded the bus and thoughts began to cramp my brain. I want to talk. I tried calling LS, but her line kept me in waiting. I SMS'ed AV. No reply. Man!! This is Sunday evening and I seriously want to do some talking or I am going mad! With the ill-fated braincramp I reached MG Road. And there I was.. walking all alone amid a crowded road which looked deserted to my cramped eyes and got to do my bit of the shopping thing.

Roaming around haplessly for a while (which was worth a bhel puri and a softee ice cream) I then settled for killing time at Higginbothams and then listening to some strange remix at Planet M. LS called me and that gave a momentary relief to my braincramp. But a couple of minutes of call is no match for all my Sunday evening jabber.

Sunday evening, I could have done nothing better.. but shopping all alone sucks! And killing time is an art!


4 Responses to “Sunday evening…”

  1. 1 Chaitra

    I had the same experience in MG Road. So I have deceided, I will never go alone to MG Road. That too on a Sunday Evening…:-)

  2. 2 Raghu

    M.G.Road on sunday evening is definitely a treat to anybody’s eyes…Dei Kishore how can say that the road wore a deserted look? I sincerely hope u are all right. May God bless you.

  3. 3 Anonymous

    Hmm…I had to kill time on Saturday…and for better…I chose FORUM. Sat near the fountain…and never knew how the clock ticked from 6 to 9!

  4. I am a professional in that art:-)

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