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Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. Conventional thinking is all about being contented with what I have. If you don’t get what you like, like what you get. Why the heck? I don’t want to be contented. I want to do big things. I want to squeeze toothpaste back […]

He and Me over the office IM. He is listening to Pink Floyd. He: when I was a child, I had fever He: now I have that feeling once again Me: when I was a child, the cute girl next door loved me Me: now I want her to love me once again

Had been to this movie past Saturday evening with my cousin. There were two very good things about this movie. One, PVR. Two, a regular-size cup masala corn and Pepsi during the interval. Meet the Fockers. The movie could rather have been named Meet the Fuckers. Believe me, it would still have made perfect sense! […]

I came to office in a pretty cheerful mood, after a good weekend. And as I flipped through the pages of the blogs I regularly read, I just had to pull back a bit on my cheer. There is only one thing that really affects the laid-back take-it-all-as-it-comes person in me. The loss of a […]

My hands lift up from its stiffened angle in a move to relax flow of blood through my nerves and ends up wiping the little moisture stuck to the periphery of that sensitive connection between the shoulder and my head, called the neck. A sense of lack of air cuts across my senses and this […]

“Good morning, sir. We are calling from name-censored bank and we have a special free offer on credit cards just for all-my-company-guys”. God Save me! The day begins and moves this way for most people around me. Telemarketing as an advent of technology is all wonderful to see, but most banks seem to be over-enthusiastic […]

I don't admire nature, but admire those who admire nature. I never experienced sibling love, but I love my friends as much. I'm not self-motivated, but I motivate whoever needs. I never shone in any sport, but cheer those who shine. I never get birthday gifts, but have given so many gifts. I never learnt […]